AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). Apr 1, AIR FORCE MANUAL , VOLUME 2,. PART 13 . AFMAN which are on file in Base Supply. Manual Supply Accounting Record. tional structure and procedures are outlined in the various volumes and parts of AFMAN , The. USAF Supply Manual. Scope. The procedures.

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However, if the squadron commander elects to identify such an individual asthe Squadron Superintendent, the following applies: Delegation of authority must be in writing letter of authorization and approved by theMission Support Group Commander. Customer SupportLiaison and Equipment Accountability. Initiate supply assistance requests for supplydifficulties. Compliance with this chapter uxaf mandatory for contractors who are operating supplyfunctions.

Responsible for interfacing with AFGLSC; conduct document control functions, customersupport, research and base level records maintenance, base level stock control functions, bench stockmanagement, and customer feedback; troubleshoot all materiel management concerns; manage andissue SATS customer records, and manages the Zero Overpricing Program.

This section describes the role and responsibilities of satellite LRS Commanders,and satellite supply operations officers.

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Standard functional responsibilities, which can bedelayed or omitted during war, are coded according to chapter 32, section 32B, Wartime Processing. Civilian QA evaluators must have experience in the functional discipline they areresponsible for evaluating. Prepare and publish inventory schedules for all categories of property outlined in Chapter 10,Table 10C Provide home-station training and use of degraded operation processingto ensure hands-on experience for LRS personnel.


Establish and conduct an effective training program to make sure that each individual is followingcurrent procedures.

Maximize and msnual the use of Air Force approved automated tools.

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Initiate inputs to add, change, or delete warehouse locations on item records. Advise decentralized materiel management personnel and maintenance leaders of supportconcerns and recommends corrective actions.

Manage ILS-S database operations according to the series instructions as covered in Parts4, 6 and 8. The Logistics Readiness Squadron LRS contains the base supplyactivity and is organized into flights, sections, and elements.

The contractor shall provide all resources and services necessaryto perform their functional responsibilities as defined in the applicable SOW. The general roles and responsibilities of these activities are explained in this chapter,while specific responsibilities are described throughout the manual. Refer to uwaf various chapters withinthis manual for detailed procedures and processes for all duties not specifically mentioned.

Evaluate unit logistics management procedures, including locally developed forms, publications,OIs, checklists etc. This includes seeing that operator maintenanceis scheduled and completed. Ensure the rotation of personnel outside of the LRS is limited to no more than 3 years in orderto assure the retention of core materiel management manial skills. Store incomplete items and initiate issue requests for items that are neededto bring incomplete assemblies to a shpply condition.

Recommends, in coordination with the UDM and squadron leadership, assignment of squadronpersonnel to deployment positions for commander approval and coordinates on all AEF taskings. Make aafman the tags, labels, and markings, which indicate identity and condition, areattached to property. Maintain diagrams of thesupply storage areas showing the layout of each warehouse, storeroom, bay, and pallet storage area. This position will be held by the senior ranking Chief Master Sergeant or other senior noncommissionedofficer, when possible.


Theflight includes the following sections: Finally, this section contains ILS-S wartime responsibilitiesand provides information that applies to all accounts.

Volume 2 Chapter 1

Functions as the director of Operations Compliance OC. Advises the squadron training manager to ensure the effectiveness of squadron enlisted onthe-job training programs.

Allocate these resources togain maximum mission effectiveness. When authorized, commanders may delegateadministrative control of all assigned members by appointing a squadron section commander on specialorders. Provide materiel management training to materiel management personnel outside the LRS. The SOW will alsoinclude those specified actions the Contractor will not be obligated to perform to supplu support like, but notlimited to, Government-Furnished Property and services.

If the evaluator is a Senior NCO with an awarded 7-skill level, the evaluatorappointment letter will serve as the STS qualification document. Review the list at least semiannually. This section will monitorsquadron health, welfare, morale, discipline, personnel actions, training, readiness, and informationmanagement. MSL advises decentralized materiel support personnel and maintenance leaders of supplysupport problems regarding the maintenance efforts and recommends corrective actions.