Visser One is the highest rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy. The Yeerk holding this position is answerable only to the Council of Thirteen. There have been two. Visser has ratings and 65 reviews. Ben said: These “Chronicles” special volumes are always a delight. Visser is the story of Visser One, aka Edriss. Visser (Animorphs) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On trial for treason, Edriss explains how she infested a series of.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Only a traitor could have beaten me. Allison escaped, but soon returned for the children in disguise.

In the midst of the battle, gorilla! In Hork-Bajirit’s a generational memory passed on as oral history through Dak’s descendants and Toby. The entire Megamorphs set was a hit with me, and Visser was no exception. And one twinnaturally, as you know from the double-number designation. He moved very little, then he visswr moving altogether. Visser Three claims that the only reason Edriss doesn’t want all out war is because she animorph want the humans to actually be taken over, and Edriss argues that all out war would never work.

Got lucky and found a part that was supported by a steel beam instead of a force field?

When she had a wonderful career. I gladly got caught up in the story. It’s the only way you’ll live. Then, because of the Yeerk-host thing in general and because of Essam’s personality in particular I don’t see him, in this weird sequestered-on-Earth viwser, as being able to keep himself very removed from his hostlines get blurred. But someday she would know me. Basically, I think what I’m saying here is that Essam and Hildy are sort of alike and Edriss and Allison are sort of alike and the visser and the Yeerk start rubbing off a little bit on each other and everything gets very confused and that’s how everyone falls in love with everyone else.


This section requires expansion. They locate a lost solider and Edriss infests him. When she told them she had found a Class Five species, they dropped all charges against her. You try and seize control of the head of state of the most powerful nations and end up alarming themmaking half of them suspect our presence on Earth!

He is possibly the first Yeerk to see and pursue the benefit of a host body to live life more fully.

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On the back cover: Allison vissee to use Logic a lot more to convince Edriss to give her any sort of control. You became addicted to humans. Was she still free?

I’ll try to edit in quotes later! Visser One Visser One.

Animorphs : Visser (pob) (Animorphs): K.A. Applegate: : Books

Marco is wary, but impresses Visser One with his clear thinking and, to her surprise, cold-blooded approach to helping. Because that would destroy the Empire. She now lives in Chicago, where she divides her time between writing, reading, and vegging out in front of the tube. She thinks back on how part of the reason she may have chosen Eva as her next host body is the fact that Eva had a husband and child, something that part of her still missed.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. She was sickened by her own temporary compromise with me.

Animorphs visser paperback back cover.jpg

Back to Before Animorphs Megamorphs 4. For a while she lies alone in the darkness, thinking the Animorphs will kill her, until she is suddenly put back into Eva’s head.


The thing with the child anomorphs the gun didn’t make sense to me as a kid, and it still doesn’t now. Learn visaer about Amazon Prime. And I had just called on a group of Andalites and morph-capable humans to attack my own people. Edriss, however, is determined.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I’d thought of chainmain as armor when fighting Hork-Bajir-Controllers. Maybe they are also shaped by lessons learned while in the host. On trial for treason, Edriss explains how she infested a series of human hosts in order to spearhead the invasion of Earth by her people, the ruthless, parasitic Yeerks.

And the rest will be dead. I guess once they have a main source of whatever, they’re set and can continue borrowing technology to steal more stuff and smarts. The Sharing’s money was mentioned about the fancy community center in 33 The Illusion.

That also explains the hostility between the Vissers. While training a group of new recruits, she receives information that a Class Five species has been found. We knew that Vissers One and Three have a long-standing rivalry over how to handle the invasion of Earth. But I had infested the lost soldier, and the even more lost Jenny Lines. It broke my heart that she fell in love with her subordinate, just as their hosts had vissed in love with each other. Were they all humans? His ruthlessness is at its peak, but is balanced by his unique ability to quickly think through all of the options and anticipate the moves of other ones, like Visser One.

It was a depressing insight.