By: Edwin Sachs. Find out in this legendary classic of legerdemain, Sleight of Hand, widely regarded by professional magicians as one of the finest magic. “If ever there were a more classic tome for beginners of general sleight of hand, I am not sure what it is. This book has been around for years, has stood the. Described by a magician as probably the single most complete book ever written on magic. It includes both stage and close-up magic, chapters.

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Return to Book Page. Ahnd Nature Of A Crime. Probably the most used prop by magicians and certainly the one most closely associated with magic and magicians does not really show up until Chapter 8, where you will learn magic with playing cards. I’m finally reading a decent copy of Maskelyne’s ‘Sharps and Flats’! And if you are truly interested in magic, you must eventually master sleight-of-hand techniques or give up the idea of being anything more than a beginning magician.

Certain scripting might be out of style or even seen as faux pas these days, but the material is still very useable. Email me when new stock arrives.

Sleight of Hand

Paper copies of Genii are at your magic dealer, instantly-downloadable version here plus an extra coin trick by Miguel Angel Gea: Chapter 15 details magic with goldfish, birds, feather plumes, wands and bottles. Dustin added it Apr 22, We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped.

Feb 15, Nick Wellings rated it liked it. Certain Personal Matters Mobi Classics. In an absent manner, you place a glass of sherry to your lips, as though bracing yourself for the fray.


Ricky Smith added it Oct 11, Nov 24, For the present, all the learner has to do is to procure a round stick of ebony, about szchs.

Some sleights are foundational and classics. The next chapter moves on to doing magic with common objects such as knives, handkerchiefs which were commonly carried back thenbank notes, etc. Professional Edwi with Playing Cards. An exact reprint of the original, only in soft binding. Take a page from the book of Max Malini and produce a giant block of ice from your hat the next time you are out on the town for dinner! Be assured that sleight of xleight relies primarily on dexterity, not apparatus.

Refresh and try again. A Beginners Guide to Magic Tricks.

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand by Edwin Sachs just might be the number one best book ever written on magic. Charles Chaput rated it really liked it Dec 29, This likely occured because the blade of the machine that was used to cut the pages was getting dull.

Product Description Product Details “If ever there were a more classic tome for beginners of general sleight of hand, I am not sure what it is. Clearly and minutely, the steps are given for hundreds of astonishing tricks: Akshay Nair rated it really liked it Nov 09, The Elements of Drawing Illustrated.

The pages are standard weight. Chances are you’ll get a lot of mileage, not to mention chuckles, out of its practical tips and references to spectators such as “Mr.

Chapter 11 talks about using wands and other generic or perhaps, generic to a magician items like special handkerchiefs sachz well as sleights that would hxnd useful when using these items.


Mark Delong rated it liked it Jul 15, There is a nice variety of items to learn from this section, including a Cut and Restored String and a great bit with a borrowed wedding ring and a handkerchief.

In fact, I didn’t own a single book on magic published after till I was in my late teens. Dec 6, Review Sleight of Hand.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Sleight of Hand By Edwin Sachs

That’s a love it or hate it. I see it is available on lybrary. Skipping ahead to Chapter 12, there you will find more effects with cards but the effects in Chapter 12 fall under the Stage Magic banner and use apparatus such as a card wand and rising card apparatus.

Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best Camille Gaultier From the Preface: The Time Machine by H. Of course today this form of ebook is outdated and that is why we are converting them to PDF. Unfortunately, most used book stores are savvy to older magic books market, BUT you can still find some “WTF, how this get here and who would give it up!

N Hilliard considered it superior to Erdnase who did borrow from itthough I’m not sure I’d agree with that assessment. Back in the and even before that period to a degree gloves were commonly worn by stage magicians, and perhaps those performing in other venues as well.