Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide that is being phased out .. This inspired protests, and the pesticide was banned in Kerala as early as , following a report by the National Institute of Occupational Health. British photographer Beatriz Lopez and Peter Caton visit Kasargod district in north Kerala, whose residents have been plagued by the spraying. The nodal medical officer of Kasargod district, who played a key role in Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide endosulfan, refuses to answer.

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They faced one major limitation: The second study also recommended a stop of aerial spraying. This, too, would get degraded within a month. When I ask him what biological plausibility means, he points to studies in rats and mice where endosulfan has been shown to produce cancers and reproductive disorders.

The POPRC decided that endosulfan met the criteria of Annex D of the Stockholm Convention — a half life of the chemical in water is more than two months or half life in soil is greater than six months or half life in sediment is greater than six months or b the chemical is otherwise sufficiently persistent to justify its consideration within the scope of the Convention.

Untreated, they collect 15 to 30 kilos per day. But his or her body would quickly excrete anything entering it. The government forms another expert committee under the chairmanship of CD Mayee, Agriculture Commissioner. Several smaller streams, flowing down the surrounding Western Ghat hills, join the Kodenkiri.

Gloves, soap and towel provisions were not supplied to the employees according to Achuthan, who suspects that the management instead pocketed the allowance. The World Health Organization estimated worldwide annual production to be about 9, metric tonnes t in the early s. Shaktivel, a year-old in Ambedkar Colony in Muthalamada, often crosses the barbed wire fence next to his house to pluck mangoes and eat them.


The Indian and global media began overdosing on the horror of the tragedy, implicating endosulfan in a shockingly wide range of diseases—from mental retardation to hydrocephalus, a disease which causes the head to swell to the size of a large watermelon.

No living animal can survive such poisoning. The environmental impact was higher in Padre village. The court finds no validity in the accusations and allegations against us. CSE sends letters to parliamentarians bringing to light the impact of endosulfan on human health and ecology. One case that has really caught the attention of the media is that of Kittanna, who has cerebral palsy. July 27, The Endo-Ban Tracker. Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention. Her other son, a rickshaw driver, is the principle provider, while her four adult daughters make bidi s to supplement the family’s stretched household income.

Kennedy, who has published a large body of research on endosulfan, alleges that the Convention cherry-picked data from laboratory studies and arctic studies, which do not reflect field conditions in countries like India and Australia at all.

They began by sending letters and filing defamation cases against CSE. Mohana Kumar filed an affidavit explaining the reasons for his concern. Born with hydrocephalus, a rare medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, his head has swelled to enormous proportions.

But the list of bogus victims taints this massive campaign against the pesticide and raises a crucial question. I don’t see any jackals now, nor too many frogs, fish or crows. This means that even if the study picks up the existence of a higher rate of disease in the villages, it does not prove that it was caused by endosulfan. What was more alarming was that 33 of these victims were in the age group. We don’t wish to become pawns in a political game. CSE’s fight to get justice for the victims: NIOH report finds higher prevalence of neurobehavioural disorder and congenital malformations in females and abnormalities in male reproductive system in Enmakaje panchayat as compared to control group in Meenja panchayat.


INSIDE STORY: How endosulfan poisoned Kasargod

In December, the agriculture ministry organised a three-day seminar on agriculture development which was sponsored by pesticide companies who also produce endosulfan. The brainstorming session concluded that aerial spraying in the state be stopped since safety measures could not be followed, recommended in depth health studies along with studies on water pollution, heavy metal contamination and natural radioactivity.

They don’t know what other nightmares are in store. Palakkad stoty has nearly 4, hectares ha of mango orchards along the Nelliampathy hills.

Kerala’s Endosulfan Tragedy | OPEN Magazine

Several of the people being compensated today have diseases that have nothing to do with endosulfan, such as deafness and diabetes. The village leaders say the administration’s apathy is hardly surprising as the village is up against a public sector corporation, and hence the whole state machinery. The SC bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar also asked the state to consider setting up a medical facility to provide treatment to victims.

See April 1st July 15th Men and women in this area keraka now finding it difficult to find spouses, as stories of their tainted genes get around. Sharanya developed cerebral meningitis on the 28th day. Tsory, almost all the ailments are restricted ketala people under 25 years of age,” the doctor points out.

Ecological studies also showed high content of endosulfan in soil, water and the flora. Villagers drinking the water would therefore probably not consume the pesticide. Crispin Halsall of the Lancaster Environment Centre in the UK, who advised the Convention on its decision, agrees that endosulfan behaves differently in tropical climates. They obtained an ad interim stay till February 8, restricting pck from spraying of endosulfan by helicopters or any other means.