An intermediate tutorial for JOGL (Java OpenGL binding). JOGL Tutorial, JOGL online Tutorial with reference manuals and examples. Alternatives to JOGL include open-source LWJGL (Light-Weight Java Game Library) @ This tutorial assumes that you have sufficient knowledge.

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This section of the tutorial is not complete, however you can check out the source code for more information. You can find the latest version of JOGL at http: You should see something like in the next figure:. Nehe’s Lesson 6 “Texture”: Black with no translucency alpha is 1specified as RGBA in floats. Second, just before drawing the sphere, we have to tell JOGL that the next thing coming should use the texture “bind the texture to the GL context”.

To use AWT’s Frame as the top-level window, modify the main method as follows: As a nice feature of JOGL, we can decorate it with a DebugGLwhich will supply us with stacktraces on exceptions as opposed to simply crashing as it does in C.

And in keeping step, you might now consider looking at the MyJoglCanvasStep2. A textured sphere And this is the earth! As always, tutoriql follow the code by inspecting the MyJoglCanvasStep4. You must already have JOGL installed on your system for these samples to work!

If you stand in front of a tree, you wont see its “real” height either. We have no objects yet and no camera direction, but this is something we can change now. Whenever an OpenGL event is fired e. All the Override methods from above were generated by Eclipse based on the declaration of the GLEventListener interface. For this section though, you could have a look at the MyJoglCanvasStep3. Repeat the above step for jogl-all. Hutorial then, the sphere itself: The constructor specifies the initial size of the window as well as the minimum capabilities requirements to OpenGL.


Add a package name, a class name, make sure to check public ojgl void main and press Finish:.

Kinda complicated just for a black screen so far, huh? Begin vertex, this is the 1st point, the 2nd point, the 3rd, end vertex. Prepare a JNLP file as follow: Since this is not nice, we are going to change this in the next section. This guide is meant for JOGL 2.

These interfaces define the common behaviors expected on GLCanvas and GLJPanelso that applications can switch between them with minimal code changes.

You have to specify them before drawing remember that Tutoria, is just a stupid pipeline This last tutorlal was kind of long, but we are rewarded by this sight: And now, someone could resize the window: JOGL starter classes many methods omitted And now, in detail. Read the ” jogl. Where you keep your workspace is a question of personal preference, but I suggest to keep it in a path without empty spaces or you could get into trouble in the long run.

JOGL (Java OpenGL) Tutorial

Animator To perform animation, we need an animator to drive the drawable’s display method in a loop to refresh the display regularly. For a source code view of what we have covered so far, consider looking at the MyJoglCanvasStep1.


JOGL Developer and master repository including source and demos https: With glRotatefthe local coordinate system can be rotated: I suggest you to take a read to these two pages for a quick overview over the most common problems, it is a very useful reading, legacy sections are carefully signaled.

This is also the reason why the corners and their texture corner mappings may seem counterintuitive sometimes: The parameter ” noddraw.

JOGL (Java OpenGL) Tutorial

In order to perform rendering, an so-called OpenGL rendering context is required. A heavyweight AWT component which is a subclass of java. Here, I show the sample code ‘s display function which renders several polygons.

jogp OpenGL mother site www. GLAutoDrawable ; 3 import com. Running in Full-Screen Mode Games are often run in full-screen mode without decoration title, status, scroll bars.

tuforial In this approach, all the graphics rendering codes are kept in the renderer Component class. This is what used to be “the color”. Setting Up Download Source Codes: Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong. You may also read my OpenGL tutorials.

And voila, our first visual result:. Earth Texture We can do even better: